The Institute : Helping you fulfill your aims


         With an intense to be a leader class one educational institutions, Junagadh Junior Chamber Education Trust started Commerce & Law College in 1969. Impacting organizations and society through innovative excellence we became initiator in the field of Business Management & Pioneered the first BBA College in Saurashtra in 1982. In 1998 we introduce BCA course, first time in Gujarat. In 1998 with the increasing need of professionalization in the business management field, we jump in the journey of MBA, the first affiliated college in Saurashtra.

        With the approval of Government of India, Ministry of HRD and AICTE we initiated MBA Programme having intake of 60 seats. We have given value addition in terms of five batches of future managers. The success of the institute goes to culture of trust, fairness, tolerance and a positive orientation of our president Shri Nanajibhai Vekaria, our reputed team leader Shri H.J.Doshi, and powerful team members i.e. faculties of MBA. 

        Since its inception, NRVIBMS has been striving to develop itself into an institution of excellence in education in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of India.

        The institute offers its students an outstanding academic environment coupled with well-furnished infrastructure. Not only does it celebrate freedom of thought, cultivate vision and encourage growth, but also inculcates human values and concern for the environment and the society.


"Excellence is not an accomplishment. IT is a spirit, a never-ending process."

- Lawrence M. Miller

The Pedagogy : Vision for the future  

        The pedagogy of the NRVIBMS is aimed at creating excellence. It consist of a course that imparts the basic requirement of business and managerial knowledge and practice. The institute encourages its students to gain cross-functional expertise and ensure that they don't straitjacket themselves, and in turn their employers. The curriculum includes a judicious mix of modern theories with changing concepts of management.

        Besides that the teaching methodology emphasize, interactive and participating learning which includes lectures, case study, role-play, in class presentation, which necessarily entails extensive reading and pre-class preparation. faculty maintains regularity of activities that ensures that the tempo of learning is never slackened. The focus on ground learning helps the students to tap in the pool of experience and skilled knowledge.

        The pedagogy approach of the institute is based on philosophy that the knowledge seeker must own up the process of education and must accept responsibility for professional growth and development.