Pharmacy Lab




List of Equipment pdf format file



        Laboratories are well ventilated and equipped with instruments and glass apparatus as per the AICTE norms. Adequate safety measures have been provided in the laboratories by installing fire extinguishers, safety charts and laboratory technique charts. List of existing instruments required for conducting practical are as follows.


List of equipments available in laboratories.

  1 Triple beam balance

  2 Electronic single pan balance
  3 Analytical balance with weight box
  4 Manometer
  5 Potentiometer
  6 Conductometer
  7 Colorimeter
  8 PH meter
  9 Pen type PH meter digital
  10 Research polarimeter 220mm with sodium vapour lamp and choke for sodium vapour lamp 55watts.
  11 Ball Mill
  12 Medico centrifuge
  13 Distillation apparatus
  14 Hot Air Oven
  15 Magnetic stirrer
  16 Autoclave portable
  17 Waterbath rectangular (6 holes)

  18 Waterbath rectangular (12 holes)
  19 Medical research microscope
  20 Camera lucida mirror type
  21 Heamocytometer
  22 Heamoglobinometer
  23 Heamometer Sahilís method
  24 Spygmomanometer
  25 Stethoscope
  26 Westergen pipette (6 pcs) with stand
  27 Thermohygrometer dial type
  28 Abbes Refractometer
  29 Orifice Meter
  30 Venturi Meter
  ... It Will be updated.