From the Desk of Principal




It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with J.J.C.E.T. & N.R.V.I.P. Junagadh. Due to the untiring efforts, hard work & vision, the J.J.C.E.Trust has started the NRVIP which promises to yield experts in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Our institute aims at providing good education & training so as to give the society good Pharmacist; academicians; industrialist and research scientist. "Welfare of the Humanity" & Relief of Human sufferings are the primary concern & motto. With this in mind, we teach the future Pharmacist. With the increase in momentum of research and discovery of newer medicinal compounds, it is the requirement of present era to bring in more Pharmacists. Now Pharmacist is required to be adopting patient counselor & be a source of drug information. We look forward to join hands with you & contribute.


I wish the students the very best in all their future endeavors.